Nes Ammimer
in Deutschland


Membership of NAGiD e. V.


NAGiD is open to everybody who has lived and work in Nes Ammim – regardless of the amount of time you spent there and whether you are living in Germany or elsewhere. Members profit from reduced fees for our trips and activities and are informed regularly about our program via email. Members are encouraged to actively propose possible activities and engage in preparations of those. There is a yearly members’ meeting.

The membership fee is 15 Euro p.a.

Unsere Vereinssatzung kann hier heruntergeladen werden: Vereinssatzung NAGiD in der Fassung vom 20.09.2015

Becoming a member

In order to become a member, please fill out the membership application and send it via mail or email to Doro Flecken. Membership will then be granted or denied at the next board meeting.

Membership application form as PDF or as WORD-File.