Nes Ammimer
in Deutschland


About us:
NAGiD - Association of Nes Ammim Volunteers in Germany

Who we are

All members of the association have lived and worked for a period of time in the international ecumenical village Nes Ammim in Israel. As European Christians we have worked towards an open and international community and good neighbourly relations with Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel in Nes Ammim itself and the surrounding villages. Living and working in Israel, our daily encounters as well as the study program of Nes Ammim gave us the opportunity to learn about Israel’s diverse ethnic, cultural and religious society.

After returning to Germany - or our other home countries - we want to continue working towards the goals of Nes Ammim.

NAGiD - Nes Ammimer Gemeinschaft in Deutschland e. V. (Association of Nes Ammim Volunteers in Germany) is recognised as a non-profit organisation.

Our goals

We want to provide opportunities for meeting and exchange between former volunteers and to continue the learning process started in Nes Ammim.

Furthermore, we would like to support the Nes Ammim related organisations and associations.

What we offer

We organize excursions and (study) weekends for former Nes Ammim volunteers and friends interested in Nes Ammim and its goals. Our weekends take place all over Europe and often center around Jewish history and life in diaspora. We learn about antisemitism and the Shoa as well as interreligious relations then and now. We aim for personal encounters in the cities and congregations we visit. We experience different aspects of Jewish and Israeli culture as well as the regional and local characteristics of our destinations.

Our current program and examples of past trips and activities can be found here: Activities.